Community Outreach
We at the Sheriff’s Office take pride in serving and connecting with the citizens of Calaveras County.  Community outreach is a consistent goal of our Office and this mandate is evidenced regularly in everything we do.

Community Relations has become an integral part of the Sheriff's Office.
  • Through community service and education we are able to better prepare citizens for the crimes that they may encounter. We can teach them what to do if someone attempts to make them a victim. 
  • We are also committed to training and educating our youth and children by providing them information to combat peer pressure and other factors that may cause them to make poor decisions. Many of our Sheriff’s Office employees sponsor and/or participate in activities that support Calaveras youth and the Sheriff’s Office contributes in real and fundamental ways to the health, welfare and safety of Calaveras’ children.
  • Connecting means that we are there.  Sheriff’s staff can be seen at many events around the county, participating as members of the community, or providing valuable public safety services to make the day enjoyable for all.  Sheriff’s Office employees participate in many community organizations by conducting crime prevention presentations/trainings or just simply attending meetings so the voices of the community can be heard and issues acknowledged by the Sheriff.  Our participation in numerous community organizations including rotary clubs, homeowner’s associations, educational institutions, leadership and mentor programs, youth extracurricular activities, and many more; are essential for Sheriff community relations.
  • We are committed to these projects and are interested in hearing from our community. If you have any suggestions or request for educational programs, feel free to call on us.
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