Bike Team
Bike TeamThe Sheriff’s Office Community Bike Team provides patrol services and bike safety demonstrations around Calaveras County at special events.  The team educates the public, enforces laws, provides a security presence, assists residents and visitors, and ensures traffic safety and control.  Bike Team deputies handle all the same police functions as regular patrol deputies, but on bikes.  These specially trained deputies have proven to be highly mobile, easily approachable, and have helped to build new bridges between the Sheriff’s Office and the community.  
The Bike Team performs an important yet seemingly invisible mission.  This non-traditional form of patrol gives deputies access to places where criminals do not expect a law enforcement presence.  Many criminals have been captured due to the bikes undetected response to crimes in progress during special events.
Bike Team members are proficient in riding up and down hills and stairs, navigating off-road terrain and riding in bad weather.  Each team member is fully equipped with their own bicycle and riding equipment including a safety helmet and special uniform with reflective Sheriff markings.
For more information about the Bike Team and its availability for community events, please contact Sgt. Anthony Eberhardt at (209) 754-6500.
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