Special Enforcement Team

The Special Enforcement Team, currently made up of two deputies, focuses on preventing burglaries, keeping an eye on sex offenders, and saturating areas known for criminal activity. The team's purpose is to serve as a compliment to the Patrol Division with an emphasis on providing enhanced patrol services to the residents and visitors of Calaveras County.

"First of all, they monitor all our 290 registrants - child molesters," Sheriff Kuntz said. "They will work on the trouble spots. They will work different shifts, different times and different areas, focusing on high crime."

The Special Enforcement Team develops pro-active enforcement programs, which involves street level narcotics offenders, transient, or residential gang members, transient or residential probation/parole offenders.  SET deputies can also deploy in unmarked vehicles in certain areas of the county for enhanced projects and enforcement. Special Enforcement Team deputies work very closely with State of California Parole and Calaveras County Probation officers. The team will actively perform compliance checks on active parole and probation offenders living around the County of Calaveras.

S.E.T. members actively investigate crimes such as burglaries, theft, vandalism, assault, fraud and other localized crimes. In addition to investigations, SET members utilize community oriented policing concepts in an effort to provide education and problem solving solutions to the citizens and businesspersons of Calaveras County. SET member activity allows uniformed patrol officers to remain in the field and enhances their effectiveness as first responders. SET members also conduct issue specific enforcement programs to combat identified problems within the county.

As with all community-orientated programs, a good working relationship with those who live and work in the community is essential for success. SET is responsible for identifying and impacting areas of recurring criminal activity or calls for service in the county. The Special Enforcement Team also monitors areas in the county for the possibility of future crimes. By identifying a problem and working to resolve it, the team hopes to prevent crime before it happens.


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